"Target Blu Eye is a TETRA radio receiver, not a police detector"

Last week, The Daily Mail and other media in the UK published several articles in which our Target Blu Eye was described as a possible police detector. We firmly reject this suggestion. Target Blu Eye is a traffic safety system based on the reception of TETRA radio signals. It is NOT a police detector.

TETRA stands for Terrestrial Trunked Radio, a worldwide standard for digital communication, used for the Airwave's Emergency Services Network (ESN) in the UK. Based on the TETRA protocols we developed Target Blu Eye as an early warning device that informs motorists in advance about all types of approaching emergency vehicles.

It is important to know that Target Blu Eye does not make any difference between police vehicles, ambulances or fire engines. Moreover, Target Blu Eye is not able to decode, manipulate or interfere with the radio messages broadcasted by the Airwave network. As such an early warning device, Target Blu Eye is completely useless for possible criminal purposes.

Statistics proved that on a yearly base thousands of accidents occur between emergency vehicles and civil vehicles. The idea behind Target Blu Eye is to prevent such accidents and to improve the safety of motorists and emergency services. Everyone who believes the device can be used for other purposes does not understand the functionality of Target Blu Eye and the principles of TETRA radio as used by the UK emergency services.

Best regards,

Jan Rijks
Managing Director Target Automotive B.V.

16 December 2014