"Great service and advice, as ever, from CBS. Knowledgeable and really helpful staff, who know more about in car audio that the vehicle manufacturer. Cannot recommend them highly enough".
Dr Clarke
"Great all round customer service, CBS Automotive are a very approachable and customer friendly company."
G Phillips
"No problems at all, everything went smoothly. I choose CBS Automotive, everything was perfect from start to finish. Exceptional customer service and a very professional experience".
R Bellamy
"very good service overall"
J Wisbey
"Would recommend CBS to anyone. Got the job done perfectly. If I ever needed anything installing, CBS would be the first place I would call".
Mr Winfield
"Very impressive service, great turn around time, efficient and very reasonably priced. Would have no problem recommending CBS to my mates".
D Warby
"The personal touch that CBS gave was very impressive and I am a very happy customer who would recommend CBS to anyone I know".
W Walshe
"Very impressive service and great quality product. The professional engineers knew what they were doing and were superb. No hesitation in recommending CBS to anyone".
S Turnbull
"All emergency services work on a Tetra signal and this system is only reserved for Emergency services. There is a nice little device called the Target Blu Eye which listens to the Tetra signal and notifies you as to whether there is an emergency vehicle in the area and whether it is getting closer or moving further away. I had the system installed a couple of months ago by CBS Automotive and have now got some sound feedback. Its amazing how many unmarked cars are cruising around".
P Smith
"When in heavy or sitting traffic it is great to see the lights climbing and plan how you are going to pull over with out damaging your alloys / cause annoyance to other drivers. And it is great when your cruising along going singing to the radio, with very little traffic, see the lights climb, re-check your speed and adjust accordingly before going past the slip road with that sneaky traffic car sitting on the entry ramp with speed trap.The treg is smooth, its powerful and it is very easy to go too quick, this little device gives you a reminder that someone is watching you. I 100% recommend purchasing and installing one. Whilst sitting at traffic lights today I was looking around trying to find the emergency vehicle and in the picture you can just see a police car on the cross road behind the bushes. (And yes i know the traffic lights were green but we were going nowhere.)".
M Robinson